About Our Hy-line Brown Chickens.

Our flock is made up of Hy-line Browns. Our flock of the Hy-line Browns are a productive hen that is docile and enjoys grazing in open pastures. These birds are given homes where they can sleep and rest at night in peace without the worries of predators such as skunks, opossums, raccoons, dogs, owls, etc. They are let out of their homes early in the mornings to graze in open pastures on fresh grasses, bugs, bask in the sun and just be birds in general. Their homes are moved weekly to a new salad bar.  Currently we are on Healthy Way Dairy in Santa Fe where our girls follow the dairy cattle helping to clean up the pasture while at the same time fertilizing the pasture with Non-GMO poo making the grasses sustainable and healthier for both the Cattle and Chickens. We have plans to move another couple of houses to the Dairy within the next 4 months. We hope to have available in the next 6 months another 400 acres close by that have unfertilized lands where we will graze the girls behind more cattle. We are excited to have the opportunity to serve you with the finest eggs available in the area. As always,

“Our Girls Don’t Do Drugs”


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